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Eligibility : Students studying in classes 1 to 12 in English medium schools affiliated with CBSE/ICSE/IB and state board can participate. All students of Class 10 to 12 interested in pursuing careers in arts, commerce and science should participate.
Result, Marking and other details : : One mark is allotted for each right answer. There is no negative marking. In case of a tie, following preference with respect to the marking will be followed : First, subject questions, then General IQ. and finally Interactive questions. In case the tie-up persists other parameters including teleinterview* will be followed. The student roll number will be as given in the attendance sheet. Level 2 and level 3 follow level 1 exam.
The school result will be declared after conduct of all Olympiads. Fill the registration form and send to Eduheal by last date of registration. Call Eduheal National Coordinator - 9811370229 / 011-26161014 / 1800-11-4343 (Toll Free ) or e-mail : eduhealfoundation@gmail.com in advance about the number of students from each class before the date of registration so that the students get preparatory books on time.
Why does Eduheal conduct olympiads ?
Eduheal is a registered organisation (NGO) aiming to increase students interest in English/Maths/Science/Cyber, Biotech (EVS) and G.K. One of the best way to generate interest in a subject is by conducting olympiads and workshops.
How does a student benefit by taking Eduheal olympiads ?
Participants of the olympiads are ranked on the basis of marks obtained. Hence, after taking the test, students can judge themselves academically at three different levels - within the school, state level, and above all at National/International level. Finally students are suitably awarded based on their national/International ranking. The student also gets work books & activity books at highly discounted rates and invitation to workshops, seminars etc. Global exposure of International contests by mentoring through International olympiad training camps is unique to EHF.
What about the Syllabus Guide & Sample Paper ?
They are given in the Sample Paper/Work Book/Activity Book & Website.
What are the rewards for Coordinator Teachers, School and Principals ?
The teacher is eligible for coordinator award. Principal awards and grants for school lab/school magazine and other benefits are given to the principal/school. The incidental expenses that the school bears as an examination centre are covered in the percentage of fees retained by the school from the olympiad fees. Further details are given in the principal letter.
What are the benefits of early registration for these olympiads.
The benefits of early registration for these olympiads is that the particular school will get preparatory books early so that students get enough time to prepare for these olympiads thereby ensuring higher merit rank. Late enrolment delays pre-exam processes including despatch of the preparatory books for students
I am interested to take part in the olympiad. Tell me how will I come to know about the details of the exam ?
All the relevant information is sent to the schools all over the country along with prospectus, registration forms and posters. The students come to know about the necessary details from their school teachers, national coordinator or through the Foundation’s official website i.e. www.eduhealfoundation.org or foundations office (call 09811370229/ 011-26161014 / 1800-11-4343 (Toll Free ). Participation is through school only. online testing is applicable for individual students.
Are there any special books which the participants should refer to for the olympiads preparation ?
Yes, Work Book & Activity Books. See Books order form (D)
What does the Preparatory and Activity Books contain ?
These books are designed separately for classes 1 to 12. These easy to understand, informative, funfilled, curriculum based books will be useful not only for students taking the olympiad exams but also for classroom and lab activities sessions. There is no Activity Book for G.K. at present.
I am going to write the olympiads for the first time. Can I get sample papers ?
Sample Papers are sent to all enrolled schools. EHF website also contains these papers.
Do I have to regularly visit your website for the latest update of Eduheal activities ?
All the important information regarding olympiads, Seminars, workshops, activity books, online courses, testing, info on awards and workshops etc., is available on our website. So it is beneficial for all to visit our website www.eduhealfoundation.org.
We have less than 50 students in our school who are interested to take part in the olympiads. Can we still enroll for the test ?
Less than 50 students from a school is neither viable for the Foundation nor for the school to hold the exam. Hence at least 50 students (all olympiads taken together) should be enrolled from a school so that a school becomes a center. For more details contact National Coordinator on 1800-11-4343.
When are the results of olympiads declared ?
The school, state and national /international rank will be generated after conduct of all Olympiads. The result will be declared in 8 to10 weeks on EduHeal Foundation website: www.eduhealfoundation.org and displayed for a month. It will also be sent to the school for display on Notice Board and e-mailed to Coordinator Teacher. March onwards prizes /scholarship /medal etc will be sent including invitation for prize distribution ceremony (PDC) to be held on 15th May (EduHeal Foundation Day) at New Delhi. Depending on National Workshop Programme PDC may be conducted at other cities too.
Where is the centre & time of conduct of level 1 olympiad ?
The center for olympiad will be the student’s own school. The school can conduct the olympiad from 10-11 a.m. Details of level 2 and 3 will be sent to the selected students/schools.
What are registration deadlines ?
Registration is OPEN. Kindly register as soon as possible on or before last date of registration so that students receive books on time. See BOOKS order form (D). The school while registering its students with EduHeal Foundation has to fill the following details in the school registration form (A & B) Name and address of the school, Principal and School coordinator name, number of students enrolled in each class, payment details etc.
The student’s registration form (C) is also given in which the student has to fill in his name and sign. Additional forms, if required, can be photocopied using the M sheet.
It will be best if the school enrols by summer holidays so that preparatory book can be sent to the student before summer holidays.
Why there are multiple exam dates ?
Based on "no child left behind" policy of Eduheal the school can choose exam dates as per their academic schedule.
Why is there a last date of registration ?
There is a last date of registration after which it is not possible to send preparatory books especially to remote locations and that also in a limited period of time . This results in late delivery of books which defeats the very purpose of having preparatory books .
Is there any relaxation in the last date of registration ?
Yes, in exceptional cases only. Please contact the National coordinator, Eduheal for any query on 09811370229.
What differentiates Eduheal Olympiads from so many other Olympiads ?
Besides our Olympiads,Eduheal focuses on remedies – student's workshop and teacher training programs. Eduheal also conducts interactive session/clinics in sports, arts etc. for all round development of the students.
We have already participated in one of your Olympiad in Aug, some more students want to participate in an Olympiad at a later date. Also some students would like to retest themselves . Is it Possible ?
No. retest in the same olympiad is not possible.
What will be pattern of exam if there are multiple exam dates ?
There will be different papers on different exam dates. Based on the syllabus covered the questions will vary, for e.g. in Aug.-Sep. exam, 90% of questions will be from previous class and 10% from present class. In Nov.-Dec. 90% of the Questions asked will be from the present class and 10% from the previous class. The preparatory books are so made that they will prepare the child for Olympiad on any given date.
What will be the benefits of Certificate awarded by Eduheal ?
According to the Eduheal the chief benefit is that in today's competitive world the student realizes his standing at National/International level. This helps him to gauze his preparedness for the exams which he will give at National/International level either in 10th or 12th. Based on parents /children feedback, the certificate have helped to secure educational loans, get scholarship and admission in universities abroad.
*Teleinterviews will be conducted. The school & parents will be informed. Pattern/Syllabus will remain the same.
Phone : 011-26161014, 9599429957
E-mail : info@eduhealfoundation.org
EHF, 103, Taj Apartment, Ring Road, Near AIIMS Metro Station, New Delhi - 110029
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