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Bringing IIT / PMT down to school level
With latest announcements by Ministry of Human Resource Development with regard to IIT exam, board syllabus taught at +1 and +2 school level has now become even more relevant. This means that the student can now concentrate more on what is being taught in their schools. NIPO will enhance the competitive spirit among school student and will encourage greater participation in national level competitive exams. Every child who has interest in science, and has taken science subjects in Class XI, and dreams of qualifying the IIT’s or PMT’s (also known as NEET) in order to study at the best engineering or medical institutions of the country.

Most of the students start their preparation in Class XI and some even start it from Class IXth itself.In order to fulfil his dreams of becoming an IIT Engineer or AIIMS doctor, he needs to clear one of the toughest exams in India the Engineering Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE) or the Pre Medical Entrance Exams such as AIIMS or CBSE-PMT etc.
To clear exams at national level one needs
1. Strong foundation
2. Sincerity and hardwork
3. Excellent problem solving skill
4. Winning strategy.
Why NIPO ?
At every stage of preparation a student needs to evaluate himself constantly and re-work/adjust strategies so as to come out with flying colours in the exams. A student may be top ranker at school level but is he good enough to succeed in the entrance exams held at National level?

This olympiad will give an idea where a student stands when he competes at national level. How well he prepared for the exams with respect to knowledge, speed and exam temperament. He will be given a realistic All India Ranking/grading and an indepth analysis which would tell him his strengths and weaknesses and suggest remedies to reinforce the strengths he has and to do away/rectify the weaknesses.

One thing which differentiates NIPO from other olympiads is that we stress on the remedial framework as much as on testing and analyzing. The remedial measures incompasses wide spectrum of interactive activities such as :

  • Doubt removal sesssions with IIT/PMT top rankers
  • Interactive seminars on wide ranging topics including Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics, Nanobiotechnology, Biomolecular electronics, Biorobotics, Avionics etc
  • Workshops in career development, innovative science teaching methods, etc
  • Subjective seminars (in maths and science) in topics which students find difficult to comprehend given by the best experts in their field.
  • “NIPO assessment and analysis helps teachers, principles and parents to assess, understand & address the specific academic needs of individual students.”

  • Student/School report tells WHERE the student is lacking by pinpointing where exactly a student needs academic assistance.
  • Academics skill assessment helps to diagnose WHY the student lags behind.

  • Advantages of NIPO
    1. Independent assessment.
    2. Conducted at national level.
    3. Standardized test.
    4. Based on standardized curriculum which is cumulative of all education boards (CBSE, ICSE, STATE) of India.
    5. National competitive exams conducted on a large scale such as IIT-JEE or CBSE– PMT taken as a bench mark for judging students at senior class level.
    6. Compares the school and students performance locally and at national level. It demonstrates what student has learnt and what he still needs to learn in order to come upto the national competitive level.
    7. Assists teachers/educators by identifying strengths and needs of students and offers remedials for improvement. Indepth feedback allows teachers to adjust the focus of their instructions and create personalized learning plans.
    8. Tests effectiveness of curriculum.
    9. Scope for professional development through remedial action plan.
    About EHF Learning Media (EHF)
    EHF is a registered company. It is a pioneer in devising educational system for testing at National level. Over the years, EHF has reached out to lakhs of students through its programmes and associated products. EHF is committed to improving the quality of Science Education, increasing student interest in science, and most importantly, help thousands of young medical and engineering aspirants to fulfill their dreams of becoming successful professionals.
  • Thanks to EHF for predicting my rank in pre-medical test through its Olympiad. [Shubhangi, 1st in AIIMS, MGIMS Wardha, 3rd in CBSE PMT and Har. PMT]
  • The remedial and motivation session conducted by EHF were excellent. [Japleen, 1st in JIPMER and Manipal, 20th in AIIMS]
  • About 1ST NIPO
    The basic aim of the IIT/PMT olympiad exam is to get a feedback on their preparation by testing them and then providing chapterwise and subjectwise analysis along with an All India Ranking. Besides the National Ranking the student gets to know the GAP POTENTIAL – What is his potential at present and what he needs to do so that he comes not only in merit but also gets a top rank. Early assessment and remediation can work wonder s to his exam preparation. Also by undertaking such exam the student benefits by understanding the pattern of actual exams and overcomes psychological pressure and anxiety which he would face in real exam time. Students getting meritorious ranks in NIPO will be given scholarships and merit certificates. Top 3 students will get fabulous cash prizes. Successful participation certificates will also be given.

    NIPO will be a two level exam for students of class 6 to 12. Level-1 exam will be conducted in Nov/Dec and the final exam will be conducted in Feb. The format will be equivalent to the IIT/PMT. The exam will be objective. 1 marks will be allotted for each right answer. There is no negative marking. 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. In case of a tie-up, following preference with respect to the marking will be followed :- First, Biology or Mathematics, then Chemistry followed by Physics. If still the tie-up persists then the candidates will be subjected to a general interview which will be conducted telephonically by EHF.
    NIPO Details
    Duration of level-1 exam will be of 60 minute (50 questions). NIPO will be majorly based on syllabus taught at the school level.[ for e.g.IX th class students will have IX th class syllabus which is taught at the school level]

    The level-1 exam will be conducted during school hours, preferably 10 a.m. onwards. The center for the level-1 exam will be the students own school. Medium of the level- 1 exam will be english only.

    After the conduct of the exam the response sheets should be returned to the EHF office as early as possible. The answer sheets will be checked by the EHF. The student is allowed to retain the question paper.
    Principals / teachers may please note that any school can be registered as an exam center for NIPO. No fee is required from the institution to become a registered examination center.

    Phone : 011-26161014, 9599429957
    E-mail :
    EHF, 103, Taj Apartment, Ring Road, Near AIIMS Metro Station, New Delhi - 110029
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