For Students Participating in Maths, Science, G.K., Art and English NIMO/NISO/IGO/IEO/ACC

Level 1: National

Besides NCF, CBSE, ICSE, State and IB syllabus will be followed. To be conducted in your school. Theme will be given in Art contest. Syllabus guidelines, sample question for each class are sent upon registration. The School Teacher incharge is requested to share these with students. These can also be downloaded from the EHF website

Level 1 will be pen paper (OMR) based multiple choice questions. Student should correctly fill in all columns of OMR. Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to disqualification of the student from being ranked. Sample OMR sheet is available on EHF site and is also attached with the sample paper. There is no level-2 in Arts*. There is no fee for level 2 and 3.


CBSE/ICSE/State Boards and NIOS students studying in classes 1 to 11 are eligible to appear.

Result, Marking and other details:

One mark is alloted for each right answer. There is no negative marking. In case of a tie, following preference with respect to the marking will be followed: First, subject questions, then General IQ. and finally Interactive questions. In case the tie-up persists other parameters including teleinterview will be followed. The student roll number will be as given in the attendance sheet. Level 2 and level 3 follow level 1 exam. Level 2 will be the final level by EHF and all prizes to be given by EHF will be awarded to merit students based on the rank obtained in Level 2. Level 3 may be conducted as per sponsorer/associated organizations - National or International. Prizes, as designated by these organizations, will be awarded.

Pattern of Examination
Level 2: International

Selected students - *Successful school toppers will participate in an online/computer based test to be conducted at exam centres all over India in February. These tests will have interactive questions. The Syllabus will be same as was in level-1.

Level-2 Exams: will be held in feb. next year for students qualifying in level 1. List of qualifying students will be sent to respective schools by e-mail.

Admit cards: They will be emailed to the school on the school email ID registered with EHF. A SMS will also be sent on the registered mobile number.

Exam Dates

For Students Participating in Space, IIT-NEET, Cyber, Sports, Biotech and Finance/Commerce NSSO/NINO/ICO/SCC/NBTO/BIFO

Level 2: International

General questions will be asked in Sports. For class 11 and 12, IIT-JEE syllabus will be followed in NINO, Biology questions will appear from NEET. General questions in Maths and Science will be asked for foundation classes 6 to 10 of NINO. In BIFO questions will be from financial literacy, general economics and aptitude.

Syllabus guidelines, sample question for each class are sent upon registration. The School Teacher Incharge is requested to share these with students. These can also be downloaded from the EHF website


Students studying in class 1 to 11 are eligible to appear.

BIFO (Finance) is for classes 9-12 and NINO (IIT-NEET) is for classes 6-12.

Students will directly appear for Level-2 online - Computer Based Exam. They will be no paper based exam. The exam will be conducted from September to February on a selected date either in your school computer lab or at an external computer centre near you. A window period of 1 weeks will be given to the school to complete the exam. The fees for this level/exam is as given in the registration form. Fees will vary for schools opting for external computer centre as it entails a higher cost. The school can opt for either school as centre or an external computer centre for all its students. Each students will get a unique question paper.

In selected cases or in cases of tie-ups tele interview will be conducted. Students can buy printed preparatory book or can practise online tests at There will be no Prizes Distribution Ceremony. All prizes will be sent directly to the winner school or home address, preferably via Ebay/Flipkart/Amazon.

There will be no further levels except in case of a sponsorer or an associated organization, for which the next level will be conducted as per their requirement. Level-3 Awards will be given by them.

Pattern of Examination

Exam Dates

Exam Dates

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