I  M  P  O  R  T  A  N  T     I  N  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N
Level 1 : School
Besides NCF, CBSE, ICSE, State and IB syllabus will be followed. To be conducted in your school. Theme will be given in Art contest and general questions will be asked in Cricket. For class 11 and 12, IIT-JEE syllabus will be followed in NIPO, Biology questions will appear from NEET. General questions in Maths and Science will be asked for foundation classes 6 to 10 of NIPO. In BIFO questions will be from financial literacy, general economics and aptitude. Syllabus guidelines, sample question for each class are sent upon registration. The School Teacher Incharge is requested to share these with students. These can also be downloaded from the EHF website http://www.eduhealfoundation.org/workbooks.aspx

Level 1 will be pen paper (OMR) based multiple choice questions. Student should correctly fill in all columns of OMR. Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to disqualification of the student from being ranked. Sample OMR sheet is available on EHF site and is also attached with the sample paper. There is no level-2 in Art and Cricket*. There is no fee for level 2 and 3.

CBSE/ICSE/State Boards and NIOS students studying in class 1 to 11 are eligible to appear. BIFO (Finance) is for classes 9-12 and NIPO (IIT-PMT) is for classes 6-12. Result, Marking and other details: One mark is alloted for each right answer. There is no negative marking. In case of a tie, following preference with respect to the marking will be followed: First, subject questions, then General IQ. and finally Interactive questions. In case the tie-up persists other parameters including teleinterview will be followed. The student roll number will be as given in the attendance sheet. Level 2 and level 3 follow level 1 exam.
Class Total Question Question Sectionwise
1 st to 6th 40
To be Solved in 40 min.
10 General IQ.
15 Subject
15 Interactive
7 th to 11th 60
To be Solved in 60 min.
10 General IQ.
30 Subject
20 Interactive
*Conditions Apply
Level 2 : National
Selected students - Successful school toppers will participate in an online/computer based test to be conducted at exam centres all over India in February. These tests will have interactive questions. The Syllabus will be same as was in level-1.
Level-2 Exams: will be held in feb. next year for students qualifying in level 1. These will be held for students studying in class 1 to 11/12. List of qualifying students will be sent to respective schools by e-mail/post. There is no fees for level-2. Admit cards: Admit cards will be uploaded on our website before level 2 exam. They will also be emailed on the email ID registered with EHF.
Level 3 : International
Online Mentoring Camp by Ex-IIT Profs. for Maths / Science / Cyber/ Biotech/G.K./NIPO winners only for the classes given below:
» Class 1*-11 : Participation in EHF-NSSO Space Lab by ISRO (mentoring by dept. of Sc. & Tech).

» Class 7-11 : Participation in Google science fair.

» Class 11 : Participation in Harvard-MIT Maths Tournament
Aim of Eduheal foundation is to generate interest in math, science english and other subjects by conducting olympiads, workshops and other activities at school level.
» Mathemagic Workshop for Students
» Training Camp for Google Science fair for Students @ BSE, Mumbai during BIFO Award function
» Training Camp for Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament
» Training Camp for #Spacebuds @ ISRO, Bengaluru
Awards At Level - 1
School rank will be given along with state and national rank.
Participation certificate for all participants obtaining a rank.
Online & printed US (Understanding of Subject ) Report for every student obtaining a rank.
School Hero Medal for school top 3 rankers in each class*.
Special award for participation in 5 or more EHF Olympiad / Contests
Educational gift for high performing students not selected for Level-2.
Criteria for award of meda : The class top-3 rankers will be given medals.
Awards At Level-2
» International/National/State rank will be given after conduct of level 2 exam
» Certificate of Merit for students appearing in Level 2.
Important Information
British Council Library online membership for IEO students.
School /principal/ class teacher/ Subject incharge awards are given in the letter to the principal.
Awards At Level - 3
Awards by BSE investors protection fund: Travel to Mumbai’s Iconic BSE building, get huge media attention and win certificate and prizes totaling 15 lakhs.
Important Information
Olympiad Level 1 School
 Science (11th NISO)
 Mathematics (12th NIMO)
 English (9th IEO)
 Biotech/Environment(12th NBTO)
 Computers/IT(10th ICO)
 General Knowledge(8th IGO)
 Art/Cricket(7th ACC/CCC)
 Finance (5th BIFO)
 Space Science(1st NSSO)
 30 Nov
 15 Dec
 03 Nov
 30 Aug
 06 Sep
 10 Nov
 04 Oct/06 Oct
 05 Dec
 29 Sep
 05 Jan
I  M  P  O  R  T  A  N  T     I  N  S  T  R  U  C  T  I  O  N  S
Registration forms (A, B, C & D) for school and students is enclosed alongwith bookorder form. For any registration query please contact EHF National coordinator on 9599429957, 011-26161014 or email: info@eduhealfoundation.org or write to EHF, 103, Taj Apt., Nr. AIIMS Metro Stn., Ring Road, Delhi-29

Kindly register before the closing date. Please make sure that all the registration forms (marked A, B, C & D) reach EHF on or before the closing date. In case you are delayed/not able to post all the documents before the closing date due to any reason then you should e-mail the Registration Forms to the foundation.

The payment along with registration form have to be sent directly to the EHF New Delhi office by the School.

Exam Venue will be your school only. Only subject section will be curriculum based. EHF Olympiads are objective test to be conducted during school hours. ‘Same marks same ranks’ evaluation policy will be followed as is done by all the leading universities worldwide. Tele interviews will be conducted in case of tieups in ranks. The school will be informed. Syllabus will remain the same as in Level 1. Information about level 2 & level 3 will be sent on the official email and phone number (by SMS of the coordinator teacher/school) provided by the school. No printed result/admit cards will be sent to the student (available online for students). Printed copy of the result and other information will be sent to the school only, hence selected students or their parents must contact their school, or visit EHF website. It will be the responsibility of the school to inform the students and their parents of all relevant and important communication. School toppers will qualify for level 2. Students qualifying for level 3 will be as per eligibility of the various international competitions like Google science fair etc. Students selected for level 2 online exam will have to travel to the nearest designated computer testing centre. No TA or any other expense will be paid. The online exam will be conducted free of cost. The school may also be designated as online exam centre provided it has the necessary infrastructure to conduct online exam. No charges will be paid for conduct of the exam, unless notified. EHF will contact the school in this regard.

Cheque/Demand Draft should be made in favour of EHF Learning Media (P) Ltd. payable at New Delhi. Only at par cheques are acceptable. Online payment (Bank Transfers) can be made to EHF HDFC Bank A/c No: 50200004458546 (EHF Learning Media Pvt. Ltd) Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi, IFSC/NEFT HDFC00678. Kindly Confirm by e-mail/SMS/Telephone after making bank payment.

The school result will be declared after conduct of all Olympiads. Call Eduheal National Coordinator–011-2616014 or e-mail : info@eduhealfoundation.org in advance about the number of students from each class before the date of registration so that the students get preparatory books on time. Retest in the same olympiad is not possible. There will be different papers on different exam dates. Based on the syllabus questions will vary, for e.g. in Aug.-Sep. exam, 90% of questions will be from previous class and 10% from present class. In Nov.-Dec. 90% of the Questions asked will be from the present class and 10% from the previous class. The preparatory books are so made that they will prepare the child for Olympiad on any given date. Students are required to fill the OMR correctly as wrongly filled OMR results in result distortion/delay. The invigilating teachers are requested to help students in correctly filling the OMR sheets.

For info, prize distribution ceremony, Practice Papers, Syllabus , Online
Testing, info on prizes, national workshop programme and to buy
Preparatory Books see website
Phone : 011-26161014, 9599429957
E-mail : info@eduhealfoundation.org
EHF, 103, Taj Apartment, Ring Road, Near AIIMS Metro Station, New Delhi - 110029
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